3 Steps To Climbing To The Top of Google

Tips on climbing to the top of Google organically from your local marketing agency in Derby

If you’re reading this blog, you would have found us organically. Why? Because as a marketing agency in Derby, we don’t pay for any ads. That doesn’t mean we don’t know how to use them, in fact, it is one of our most common service offerings! What it does mean is that we have found our way to the top of Google’s search rankings for the keywords which we want to rank for. But surely if it’s that simple, everyone will just do it? The truth is, it depends on your intent and business. The dream for any company is obviously to rank for keywords organically and every customer will click on them. Any marketer knows that is not how it works though, despite what their boss might say.

Creating content in WordPress

“Make this go viral”

Any person who works in social media will have had their boss or Director at one point say these four words: “Make this go viral”. They are then likely to hand over the most inane piece of material ever. Most videos that do go viral are not planned. Which is the point.

However, for any person who works in marketing, link building or content writing, the new phrase is “Get me to the top of Google”. Whilst obviously this is more realistic because you can outline a strategy, it is not simply a case of just climbing to the top. There need to be strategies in place, but also patience. There are so many elements to ensuring that your page, blog, or product page will be the one that gets to the top of the search engine results. There’s also no guarantee from there either that your page is the one that will be clicked on by the customer.  That’s why this Derby marketing agency have decided to put together our 3 top tips which should help you to climb to the top of Google’s SERPs for the keywords you are wanting to rank for.

1) Utilise your content

Get better value for money with Koobr marketing materialsContent is king. That will never change. Although other factors are considered by Google, you still need to be pushing constant and insightful content out to your readers. Whilst being persuasive and salesy is good, Google will often like to rank you for more informative resources. That’s why blog pages are so important. You can write a blog page with all the updates from your sector and all the terms will always be relevant. In that sense, the relevancy of the content is effortless, and this is something we will come on to later.

So, why is it hard then to rank at the top if you’re churning out content all the time? Well, competition is one factor. Everyone will be (or should be) doing it, so it is about making sure your content is the best. That’s one part. The other is making sure it is optimised correctly for the ever-changing algorithms. Imagine spending weeks on the perfect blog post but no one ever reads it. You would feel mortified and feel like it is time and money wasted. That’s why it is so important to ensure it is optimised correctly. You can find out how more about how to do this by contacting us at Koobr. We provide a service that optimises your content, making sure all your meta descriptions, URLs, SEO titles, and keyword research is up to scratch.

Get your content read and ranking highly. Whether it be in the UK you’re wanting to rank strongly for, or just locally in Derby, this marketing agency can help.

2) Share it around

Measure your content analysis with Derby marketing agency Koobr

You need to be sharing your content wherever you can. Wherever you are posting, it is not enough. As soon as a post is written, a new product launched, or a new hire at your company, get it posted on your socials! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are all huge platforms. This won’t have a serious impact on your ranking but it will contribute. Some webmasters believe that Google’s algorithm judges pages based on how many people read them. If a page is at the top of the rankings but no one is reading it (in comparison to other pages) then search engines may well rate another page higher. Getting your new content shared and visible to the general public is a sure way to reflect your page in a better light compared to your competitors.

Another aspect as to why social media is so important is that it can help reflect the authority of your site. A functioning website with good content on the site and off-site is what helps with your organic ranking. A moderator, or even the algorithm, might see you post something great on your website, but not have any functioning social media. That could come across as though you have an ulterior motive for posting your content. In a similar way to the relevancy of content, functioning social media is a key factor that might seem unimportant, but ultimately, could be the finishing touches you need to reach your target. Koobr offers a social media service. Creating graphics and branding for your team ensures your content gets read and is presented in an appealing manner to your readers.

3) Build Authority

Example of organic growth

If you are a business owner but are relatively new to organic marketing, the phrase ‘authority’ may have been mentioned to you a lot. Building brand authority and domain authority is incredibly important to your success as a business. You may think that your brand is strong through word of mouth. Actually, it needs to be strong in the eyes of search engines also. With respect, a search engine won’t acknowledge the fact that Joe Bloggs from next door thinks your blog is great. They want to know that respected sites value your content and see it as a good resource. If someone likes Forbes includes a link to your content, your resource’s authority will increase.

In Psychology terms, think of Forbes as the man in a white coat. If he tells you to electrocute yourself, you will do it because he holds authority over you. If a high ranking website tells a search engine that your blog is informative and of useful value to readers, it will sit up and take notice. It will build your own authority scores in terms of Domain Authority. Naturally other sites will see your link and think they can use it as a useful resource as well. Don’t expect that one link to work wonders though. It will be incredibly beneficial for you as other sites will then continue to link that site. That is where the real value lies. If that article contains an anchor text which is strongly related to the keyword you want to rank for, it could propel you to new levels.

Relevancy and a functioning social media

Relevancy needs to be important though. You won’t want websites that are not relevant to your industry linking back to your site. Make sure your content is picked up by sector relevant sites. Otherwise, they could be flagged as unnatural and could damage your brand. Search engines will not like anything that looks forced. If you do not like the look of a link, you can use a disavow tool so you don’t have to worry too much. Similarly, if your site does not have functioning social media, search engines might not think your site is valid. Private Backlink Networks are frowned upon by search engines. One of the more notable signs of a PBN is a lack of social media. Now you can see the importance of this!

Never underestimate the power of content

Never underestimate the power of getting your content shared. It is nearly as valuable as writing great content in itself.

Follow these three steps (in this order) and see how you get on with your content. Ideally, Koobr will be able to help, and this article provides a little insight into how we do it!

Marketing agency in Derby helping local businesses

At Koobr we make no secret about the fact that we want to work with local businesses. Not only does this allow us to communicate properly and be an open book in terms of being accessible, but it also helps the local industries. We want local businesses to be booming. Hence, we like to work with local companies to improve their brand and visibility. That’s why we are rated as one of the top three marketing agencies in Derby by threebestrated.co.uk! Go check it out.

As part of our transparency process, we like to practice what we preach. Below are 3 ways we can help you to climb to the top of Google organically through our SEO services. Reducing ad spend and increasing organic visibility, what’s not to love?

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