3 web design trends you should be paying attention to in 2017

As we move into the next quarter of 2017, it’s the perfect time to take a look web design trends everybody should be implementing.

Every year we see articles talking about the ‘next big trends’ for the year ahead in terms of web design. Often, these trends go beyond appearances and provide real technical benefit in terms of SEO, UX and conversions – the ones we should all be paying attention to. But we also regularly see so-called trends that are based solely on appearance and are frankly of no real benefit.

So, as we move into a new quarter for the year, just what trends are out there those can be of real value? Which should you be implementing on your own websites?

1. Multi-responsiveness

Bigger brands have been pioneering this process for a few years now, but it’s now time for all businesses to be ensuring that they don’t just have an ‘out the box’ mobile responsive site.

With multi-responsiveness, multiple sites are built for various devices, spanning different sizes of tablet, smartphones and computers. It’s a greater way to optimise your websites dependant on the screen it’s being viewed on.

Although keeping your website looking and feeling great for the end user is something you should always keep in mind, if you’ve got your website looking good, only invest time and money where further changes are going to make a real impact. Focus on metrics that are measurable when introducing new design elements so that you can work out your ROI and track results.

2. Typography

Of course, all websites use typography to define themselves, and fonts are often synonymous with a brand. However, in the 6 months leading up to 2017, websites have been designed more and more to focus on a stronger statement piece of type, usually on the homepage.

Sites are embracing custom, beautiful hand rendered fonts, which are now easily displayed in high resolution across most devices.

But why should you pass up valuable real estate to focus on one, large message? The answer is simple. Impact. A stunning yet simple homepage enticing customers directly into a product range or promotion is like the cherry on a cake.

3. Redefining the ‘fold’

Any marketer knows the importance of content above and below ‘the fold’. Trends in design have now made the fold a lot more difficult to define, and as such designers have been getting creative with scrolling.

Parallaxes are now transcending from just showing different elements of text. Sites are now utilising the feature to showcase offerings in bold colours, and even using animation to engage users in exciting new ways.

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