5 common mistakes made on social media by businesses – how to avoid them

Instagram is a platform which can help with your social media marketing

We all make mistakes. However, when it comes to online presence and creating a reputation for your business online, mistakes in social media must be avoided.
Whilst business owners tend to think that social media is an easy process… it most definitely isn’t! It is a complicated and complex process that needs a lot of time and attention to maintain an active account. That applies to all social media platforms. That doesn’t mean you should disown the opportunities that social media can bring for a business because it is too ‘complicated’
So Koobr is hands down to help you avoid the most basic mistakes – people will niggle and find any small detail to run your business into the ground. So having a perfect social media base won’t allow anyone to hinder your social media.
We’re here to run through 5 different mistakes that EVERYBODY makes – and how to avoid them.

1. Spelling errors 

Now, this. This is the big one. Typically, if we see a business that makes spelling mistakes, it looks very silly and unprofessional! What can you do to avoid this? Well, there are several software that we can use to help avoid these small spelling errors. For example, Grammarly is one of the top-rated platforms we can use to assess not only spelling mistakes but the way our writing is structured, tone of voice.

2. Low-resolution images

This mistake can be made more often than not, especially if you use scheduling tools to post your social media content. When uploading images onto this software, you don’t know what to expect when it gets released onto said social platforms. We know that looking at pixelated and blurry images can come across again, as unprofessional. Personally, if I saw a business-post a shocking image, I wouldn’t want to work with them – especially in our industry!

This is mandatory when we use different types of low-res images, the solution to this can be as simple as getting a second pair of eyes! Getting someone to proofread your work can help a lot in the long scheme of things. Having a copywriter on hand is beneficial when it comes to this… we’d be so lucky 😊

3. Scheduling softwares

If you’re using scheduling software to upload your content, be careful not to make the most obvious mistakes.

 If like us, you are uploading content for multiple brands, it can be easy to mix up posts. This can cause drastic consequences if it isn’t dealt with in time!

Another mistake is posting the same content more than once! As a viewer, we don’t want to see 2 service posts in a row, it can also mess up the algorithm of said social platform and can come across as ‘spammy’ so make sure to use a variety of different content and don’t self promote TOO much. Social media is about engaging with your customers and creating relationships with prospects, so try not to make it all about you! Engaging with them effectively can easily lead to sales, so do it right!

4. Not having a dedicated marketing team – Time management 

This all points down to time management. We can’t all be good at everything and have the time to do what we want; most businesses tend to hire a team of people to carry out marketing/branding/design tasks.

In all honesty, it removes any additional responsibilities on your plate. They are most definitely the most appropriate people to handle all the positive and negative issues that may arise. You just simply throw your ideas out on a plate and watch them come to life! A marketing team can effectively work on your marketing and work closely with your company by setting objectives. Whether that be through social media, newsletters, blogs – just know we’re telling you the truth! These are words coming from a creative agency after all!

5. Not using enough CTA’s

What is a CTA? This is a ‘call to action’ so a link or something a viewer can click on to access your services.

This is one of the main ingredients when it comes to effectively marketing your content. CTA’s are one of the biggest successes to online marketing and if you aren’t using them… have you been living under a rock?

What do CTA’s lead to? Well, they can create several outcomes whether that be conversions, leads, retaining customers, etc. If you manage to craft the right Call to action and draw your visitor’s attention, you can easily increase your conversion rates.

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