6 Ways for your marketing to bounce back after a pandemic

Covid-19 and its associated restrictions has thrown up many a challenge for businesses and individuals across the world. As the economy slowly begins to creep back up, companies will be wondering how best to revive their marketing activity and win back those all-important customers.

We could sit here and list all the different types of marketing that may or may not bring results for your business. But we don’t work like that.

At Koobr, we prefer to really get to know our clients, only advising on the most appropriate activity for their objectives. So, if you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all, generic marketing package, you won’t find it here!

Instead, we’ve decided to share 6 of our fundamental rules for helping your marketing to bounce back. Take our advice, but do it your way.

1. Positive vibes only

It’s too easy to focus on the doom and gloom, and many people think that just because we’re faced with restrictions, you can’t achieve what you really want to.

Having a positive attitude towards the challenges you face can make you see them in a whole different way. What can you learn? What opportunities are there for you to creatively overcome barriers? What can you affect?

Stop making excuses because of what you can’t do and start taking ownership of the things you can do!


2. Understand, don’t assume

Take the time to learn about your target audience. Understand that they have their own challenges and make sure you can empathise with them.

Having an awareness of how you can solve a problem will give you a much better chance of a sale than pushing an unnecessary purchase, and this approach will form the basis of your marketing messages.

In an economy that’s still recovering, most consumers will be looking for ways to save money and time. Listen then act, rather than gung-ho and hope for the best!


3. Don’t give up

If you feel parts of your marketing aren’t working the way you want them to, try not to feel disheartened. Remember, it takes time to build up trust and brand awareness with your audience, so tenacity is key.

You should also aim for variety in your content so that your output doesn’t become stagnant. Try alternative keywords, get creative with your tone of voice, or ask a professional for some help with your visual identity to help increase engagement.


4. Do give back

Asking your customers to spend their money right now might be met with some resistance. That’s why it’s so important to do all you can to show them how much they mean to you.

Standing out enough to convince someone to choose you over your competitors is tough, so it’s a good idea to do some incentive-driven marketing. Special offers or discounts always win the attention of potential customers, so consider how far above and beyond their expectations you are willing to go.


5. Have a plan

It sounds simple but having a clear schedule of activity to refer back to will not only make you accountable for making sure your marketing is regular and consistent, it will also allow you to see what’s worked well over time, and what not so well.

The first part of planning is research, and you’ve started that by reading this article – otherwise, why are you here?! It’s now time to take action.


6. Variety is the spice of…

Yes, the saying is centuries old, but it literally means that when something is new or different, it makes it more interesting! So, apply this rule to your content when you plan your marketing activity.

Don’t focus on just one of your services, or keep sharing the same blog post, mix it up a bit! The same goes for the type of content. Links, text, images, videos and even GIFs are all great examples of varied content types.

What next?

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