Anybody can be a hero: Team Koobr is running the Derby 10K for me&dee charity

Inspired by the valiant work of one of our most beloved charities, Team Koobr is running the Derby 10K this April, in the hope of inspiring others. Because anybody can make a difference, anybody can be a hero.

For the longest time, we’ve always strived to make a positive difference. And like so many businesses who are proud of their local communities, we’ve always done our best to give something back.

Most importantly, we firmly believe the best way to accomplish all of these things is to inspire others to do the same. So after having had the privilege of working alongside the heroes at me&dee charity earlier in the year, we felt inspired ourselves.

Running the 10K in honour of our heroes

Founded in 2006, me&dee has worked with countless families facing life-limiting and uncertain circumstances; helping mums, dads, and children through extremely difficult times by providing family days out and holidays by the seaside.

It’s a very special organisation, one that brings so much positivity and joy into the lives of those who need it most. And we firmly believe it’s something everybody in Derby (and the whole of the UK, for that matter) should be made aware of. That’s why, this April, Phil, Sophie and Craig will be running the Derby 10K in support of the me&dee charity.

Simply visit our JustGiving page and — if you wish to — make a small donation. You can get there by clicking on this link:

We never think of ourselves as heroes, for us, it is the bravery of the families we help that inspires us to do what we do. For us, it is parents and children that are going through the challenging and life-changing circumstances that are the real heroes.

– Maria Hanson MBE, Founder/Managing Director, me&dee charity

In the meantime, we’d definitely encourage everybody to check out the me&dee website — which is linked here — for more information about the wonderful things they do and the families they help.

We’d also like to thank Cactus Images for capturing the team’s heroic side in these fantastic photos. We had an absolute blast, and it’s definitely got us revved up for the big day. But we still need YOUR support.

Anybody can give something — whether that’s donating, sharing this story, or turning up on the day to cheer everybody on — anybody can make a difference, anybody can be a hero!