Aquabox: Spreading the word — Graphic design case study

The team at Koobr delivered an on-time and creative solution. We have generated in excess of 200 leads, a super result for Aquabox.

– Colin Lloyd, Aquabox

In June 2018, Aquabox attended an international exhibition to showcase its global charity work, whilst encouraging others to join its worthy cause. Earlier that year, we worked with the team to help get that message across in the most impactful ways imaginable.

Getting a global message across

Aquabox — a Rotary International charity — has helped more than 50 countries recovering from natural disasters, delivering more than 110,000 aid boxes to affected areas in need of safe drinking water across the world.

Driven by a passionate team of volunteers and trustees, the UK based organisation required new marketing materials to effectively communicate their message to audiences at an exhibition in Toronto, Canada.

In addition to this, the team was open to our suggestion to refresh the existing logo, with the intent of appealing to younger audiences making up a significant portion of the organisation’s volunteer-base (something that came out of our initial meetings between Koobr and the customer while discussing their primary marketing objectives).

This was not an in-depth redesign; instead opting to evolve and refine the existing logo — not so much that it would be unrecognisable to established audiences — in order to give it a cleaner, more contemporary feel that would effortlessly transition across all future digital and printed communication materials and bring the brand up to date.

Once this new logo was finalised, key elements of its makeup were used to inform the creation of a new set of banners Aquabox would be using to attract audiences throughout the exhibition.

The Logo, display pop-up stands and supporting publicity material was fresh, sharp and clear; it also provided the flexability to create future displays.

To give the customer the best return on their investment, it was important to use a deliberately ‘uniformed’ style appropriate for a multitude of purposes; allowing Aquabox to reuse the same banners as part of their consistent marketing communications across all future events and locations.

New literature material carrying the updated logo — that also aligned visually with the new banners — was additionally created. Working from the customer’s existing booklet as a starting point, stylistic changes were made across many areas (including changes in the use of photography) to improve the tone, look, and feel of the booklet in ways that would better resonate with audiences.

Where the existing booklet made use of a cumbersome postage form, the new booklet was equipped with a custom QR Barcode; enabling people to donate online quickly and securely, while at the same time bridging the offline/online disconnect, directing relevant traffic to Aquabox’s primary website.

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