Bluu Sky – Case Study of a Branding Project

Koobr has reimagined our brand identity and brought it spectacularly up to date – helping us to redefine who we are and how we can communicate with our customers for the better.

– Geoff Seymour, Managing Director, Bluu Sky

Earlier this year, Koobr worked with Bluu Sky to develop a new and exciting brand. We wanted to bring out the warm and personable side of this East Midlands based company while demonstrating their prowess in the field of telecommunications.

Communicating the right feeling

Customer service is very important to Bluu Sky, so we worked closely with the team to unearth their values and core beliefs as a business, which we then polished and refined in a very real and tangible way.

This allowed us to word-craft phrases and marketing messages around an authentic, emotive and engaging brand voice – in addition to a primary strap line to sit alongside promotional material – resulting in a consistent, impactful and authentic tone of voice for the brand overall.  

A breath of fresh air

From very the start, we wanted to make sure the new brand had a look that was contemporary and timeless, sophisticated yet simple; all important aspects for any tech-based service provider.

We also wanted to visually communicate the idea that using the service was a pleasurable experience – a real breath of fresh air – and so a minimalist style was adopted, using a positive and palatable colour scheme.

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