We develop brands that inspire trust and break away from conformity. Thoughtful. Expressive. Meaningful.

Unique branding that perfectly captures who you are and connects with audiences on a much deeper level.

It’s good to stand out from the crowd. It’s even better to lead it.

Built for the real world

We develop brands that work for the space you’re in. On and offline. Globally and locally. Brands that inspire trust and breakaway from conformity in equal measure, through substance and integrity, wherever your customers may be.

Elevating status

Our ideas may be limitless, but our singular focus on results is what truly matters. Developing brands that raise profiles and brings new levels of success. Putting your organisation at the forefront of your competitive space.

Fully integrated

We develop brands that work in conjunction with your existing marketing assets and across all new ones you may wish to implement — a fully integrated approach to best achieve your marketing objectives.

Getting under the skin of your organisation, getting to the heart of your objectives for a better, more successful brand.

Brand strategy

Branding embodies the values and vision of an organisation through style and personality. By working closely with our clients, we truly understand your business and your customers, enabling us to develop a brand strategy that is perfectly aligned with your unique objectives.

Concept and creation

With a clear understanding of your business and marketing needs, we take that research and generate whole new ideas and concepts; freshly observed and refined throughout the creative process to deliver a strong brand identity that is both faithful and revolutionary.

Implementation and support

Upon completion, we will also generate any promotional material you may require, ensuring your brand identity is consistently carried across web and print. We can provide ongoing digital marketing to further promote your brand and connect with wider audiences.

Your brand is your calling card

A brand is more than just a logo. Your brand is a statement of intent — built on values, integrity and vision. It’s everything you stand for in the world, for all the world to see. We work with you to develop an identity that not only sets you apart but also endures in the minds and hearts of your audiences.

Based in Derby in the heart of the UK, Koobr are a branding agency with a wealth of experience spanning 20+ years, covering many different sectors.


Whether creating new brands or reigniting existing ones, everything begins with a simple process of discovery. We get under the skin and straight to heart, putting emphasis on your ideals, your goals and your requirements.


With a clear understanding of your business and marketing needs, we shape our findings into compelling concepts; freshly observed and thoughtfully refined to deliver a strong brand identity that is both faithful and revolutionary.


Whether globally or locally, online or off, we combine creative and commercial insight to ensure brand positioning is elegantly integrated with your marketing communications. Putting you at the forefront of your competitive space.

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