Chamber Apprenticeships – Case study of a branding project

Koobr displayed lots of positivity and enthusiasm when we briefed them on this creative project. They shared their creative process every step of the way, understood our requirements, gave useful insight, and delivered the best possible solution for the Chamber Apprenticeships brand values and target audience.

– Alison Gray, Marketing Manager, East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire)

In 2015, the Chamber launched the new brand for their Chamber Apprenticeships scheme across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. Koobr is extremely proud of the work we produced and everybody on the team who was involved throughout the project.

Reimagining the Chamber to inspire a whole new generation

To capture and inspire an entire generation of school-leavers and under-21s, the Chamber needed a brand that not only fostered trust but also felt fresh and exciting. From the very beginning we set out to develop a contemporary brand that, whilst moving away from the Chamber’s primary branding, retained much of the core identity and ideals

This decision came out of meetings with the Chamber’s representatives – as well as representatives of the Chamber Apprenticeships scheme – and really getting to understand how much they cared about the cause, and how passionately they felt about getting the scheme and its benefits across to the right demographic.

Finding a voice that speaks the truth

It was apparent to us from the very beginning that authenticity was key to communicating to a younger audience. We wanted to be positive without coming across as sounding patronising, we wanted to be definitive without sounding preachy. It was a fine balance. We started by testing different word combinations and concepts, thinking about ways in which they would accompany visuals for the desired effect.

Once we established a voice we felt represented the ideals and values of the Chamber Apprenticeships scheme, we began to craft phrases and marketing messages to communicate the service in the same style.

Getting the right look

Crafting the overall style and look was done in conjunction with developing the brand voice, ensuring complete consistency across the board. Our brand developers worked alongside our designers for this, experimenting with word and visual combinations to get everything just right.

The new logo was developed using the Chamber’s existing colour palette in a way that showed momentum, direction and choice.

Social media

The new Chamber Apprenticeships brand was launched alongside a social media campaign, using stylised messages across Facebook and Twitter to showcase the new brand and increase awareness of the available courses and the Chamber Apprenticeships service as a whole.

Developing the website

It’s important to establish how a new brand looks and feels before diving into the development of a new website. Because we understood and created the brand from the very start, it was easy to translate this over to a new website build.

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