Corrugated Case: Fresh out of the box — Website case study

Koobr has greatly helped us regenerate as a brand. The new website has allowed us to establish a more reputable online presence, which in turn has improved sales and continues to do so.

– Melissa Wilcockson, Corrugated Case Company

After working with Koobr in 2019, Corrugated Case Company has seen an increase in enquiries for new business and celebrated one of their busiest sales periods as a result of their new website.

Creating a better marketing tool for one of the region’s leading packaging specialists

Recognised today as one of the leading packaging specialists in the Midlands — designing and manufacturing corrugated casings and displays in a variety of sectors that include retail, automotive and pharmaceutical — Corrugated Case Company required a new website that would better reflect the growing status of the organisation, whilst serving as a robust marketing tool used to promote services and support sales.

The decision came out of meetings with Corrugated Case’s marketing team, who felt the previous build did not adequately represent the totality and quality of the company’s service offering. More importantly, the team also felt their old website did nothing to enhance the brand’s reputation online and felt that a newer, modern-looking website was needed to bring things up to date.

From the outset, Koobr worked closely with key members of CCC’s sales team and management teams across different areas of the business to gain a complete understanding of their marketing objectives, their target audiences and their products. This would help formulate the initial outline for how the new website needed to look, feel and functionally serve the needs of the business.

A framework was established early in the planning process, categorising services and key sections to make navigation quick and deliberate. This was further supported by the placement of targeted calls-to-action in the most appropriate places to help maximise conversion on key pages.

New content was created from scratch — comprehensively outlining important information pertaining to products, services and other significant details about CCC and the brand. New marketing messages and phrases were also crafted to help bring the text to life in a tonally engaging and friendly manner.

The overall visual style for this new website was developed with a number of the brand’s existing and most recognisable elements in mind, such as the colour palette, but was otherwise completely revamped and modernised. An extension of this new contemporary style was applied through the creation of customised icons that were used across the site to enhance visual communication in an aesthetically clean and easily identifiable way.

Out of the box functionality

Everything was designed and coded with responsiveness in mind, ensuring seamless functionality and readability across all types of devices (desktop, mobile and tablet) on all types of screen specs and sizes. The new site was also built to ensure compatibility with all browsers without any discrepancies or performance issues.

Content management was also included to ensure product information be easily added and updated whenever it was needed. Another key feature of this new website was the real-time tracker — a visual display counting the total tonnage of cardboard recycled since the implementation of CCC’s green initiatives.

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