Derby Food and Drink Awards 2016 — Why celebrating local businesses is so important

Team Koobr was out in full force at this year’s Derby Food and Drink Awards. More than an excuse to dress up and get our drink on, it was a perfect opportunity to showcase the importance of celebrating local businesses.

At a glitzy ceremony at Derby’s Roundhouse, Team Koobr was in attendance at this year’s Derby Food and Drink Awards. The guest list comprised of some of the best and brightest of our city’s food and drinks scene, including bars, pubs, restaurants and cafés — as well as some of Derby’s most successful businesses in other areas.

With recipients of 'Best Pub' award The Greyhound Derby

As sponsors of the event, Team Koobr was given the honour of deciding on a winner for the ‘Best Pub’ award — an arduous task, quite frankly, which involved drinking lots of alcohol and sampling some of the tastiest grub these fine establishments had to offer.

As you can imagine, it was pretty exhausting, but we persevered in the name of celebrating our local businesses in the food and drinks sector — because isn’t that what business should be about?

Recognition for achievement, success and flying the local flag

When we think about the places we live, local businesses are not always the first thing that comes to mind, but they do so much for our cities, from employment and economical growth to nurturing local talent and putting regional places on the map.

Koobr client Lorentes won 'Best International'

Not to mention the countless ways local businesses strive to make all our lives better, whether providing goods and services, insight and guidance, or, as is the case with this year’s crop of food and drink candidates, pleasurable experiences that make living in Derby so enjoyable.

That’s why it’s so important to find opportunities like these types of events to give businesses the recognition they deserve.

As for our involvement in choosing the winner of Derby’s ‘Best Pub’, we’d also like to congratulate all of nominees in this category, each of which had their own strong points. It was by no means an easy decision, but one we enjoyed making very, very much. You are all fine, shining examples of what businesses can truly achieve and offer to the city of Derby.

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