Derby Hub: A more connected experience — Website case study

Koobr has delivered an exceptional website that makes us proud to showcase, taking our online presence to a whole new level while servicing the needs of our members and the wider community.

– Sarah Loates, Director, Derby Hub

Collaborating with businesses across the region, Koobr developed a brand new website for one of Derby’s leading networking organisations to help bring local businesses and professional communities together.

Bringing local businesses together

Derby Hub is a networking group that unites local businesses and organisations, helping Derbyshire’s professional community flourish. The not-for-profit organisation has cultivated a thriving membership through the years, establishing itself as one of the leading networking resources for business owners and professionals in the region.

Having kept the same website since forming in 2011, it was unanimously agreed a new website was required to bring Derby Hub’s online presence up to date — better reflecting the organisation’s growth and success — while introducing improved functionalities that would make it easier for people to use and encourage new membership.

The overall design was informed by Derby Hub’s central ethos: “run by the members, for the members”. New photography and messaging was commissioned and features consistently to promote this sense of unity and support. Meanwhile, queues were taken from the brand’s vibrant colour scheme and applied across the site, in conjunction with plenty of white space, to enforce a positive, energetic, and professional look and feel throughout.

Derby Hub now has a website that reflects the same unity, professionalism and energy driving its members and target audiences.

One of the problems with the existing website was navigation — specifically when it came to encouraging people to book on to upcoming events or apply for membership. The new website was structured to make this a lot easier; sign-posting the way and highlighting important action points with clear calls-to-action in the most effective places on every page.

The functionality allowing Derby Hub to promote upcoming events was also improved; making it easier for the administration team to add new events and remove outdated ones.

To ensure readability across all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet), and across every browser, the new site was built to be responsive to all user preferences and behaviours.

Content management was integrated to allow authorised staff to manage, edit and maintain blog posts, while Hub members were also given the ability to manage their own individual profiles in a dedicated area of the website, showcasing their business/organisation expertise. The end result is far more purpose-driven, cohesive and connected experience.

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