Fidelity Group: A connection that lasts – Marketing case study

UK-based B2B technology company, Fidelity Group, challenged Koobr to get their brand seen far and wide across the internet – whilst staying true to their company values and highlighting their expertise in a plethora of services including IT, telecoms, data and energy.

A tailor-made formula

Much like Fidelity’s business offering, we introduced a fully bespoke solution to help address their objectives, which included targeting and generating new enquiries from several different audience types.

Submersing ourselves fully into understanding the characteristics and buying behaviour of Fidelity’s existing customer base, we combined well-considered digital strategies with achievable KPIs. What resulted was an on-brand, target-led project which saw their online presence skyrocket.

Recipe for success

Our approach to the campaign was to compose an overall user journey that encouraged an increase in engagement, longer dwell times and ultimately enquiries.

Starting with an in-depth review of Fidelity’s existing output, we completed a design and content overhaul of their website landing pages, optimising them for conversion and offering visitors a straightforward information-gathering experience.

Publishing a combination of digital ads targeting carefully selected audiences, and formulating comprehensive, keyword-focused blogs, we strengthened Fidelity’s exposure through both competitive bidding and organic growth.

The stats to prove it

We’re not just all talk here; we’re pleased as punch to share some of Fidelity Group’s results:

During a 6-month campaign, Fidelity Group were seen on Google approximately 1.5 million times and on Facebook, 1 million! A successful SEO campaign achieved average growth in website visitors of 36% per month, and over 300 telephone calls were taken by their team.

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