From Doodles to Masterpieces: The Evolution of Logo Design…

Get ready to embark on a side-splitting journey as we explore the evolution of logo design, from doodles to masterpieces. Buckle up and prepare for some laughs along the way!

The Dawn of Logos: Stick Figures and Cave Doodles

Back in prehistoric times, businesses weren’t exactly setting up shop, but that didn’t stop our ancestors from leaving their mark.

Cave paintings featuring stick figures chasing after mammoths or hunting deer were essentially the first “logos.” Imagine if those early entrepreneurs had Yelp reviews for their hunting services!

The Birth of Modern Logos: Snazzy Seals and Accidental Awesomeness

Fast forward to medieval times, where kings and queens ruled the land and needed symbols to show off their power.

Some royal families hit the logo jackpot, like the English lions or the French fleur-de-lis. But let’s be honest, others were probably just one step away from using clip art. “Hey, Sir Lancelot, your dragon logo looks like a kid’s colouring book reject!”

The Rise of Simplicity: The Great "Less is More" Revolution

With the industrial revolution came the need for businesses to stand out from the crowd. Suddenly, logos started incorporating typography and clever designs.

But amidst the competition, there were still a few sketchy choices. “The factory logo looks like it was created by someone who had a bit too much coffee!”

The Digital Era: Pixels, Photoshop Fails, and Dancing Bananas

The digital revolution brought us fantastic design tools, but it also led to some epic logo blunders.

Remember that time a company’s logo looked a little too close to an emoji that made you blush? Or the unfortunate “dancing banana” logo that went viral for all the wrong reasons? Let’s just say some designers had a Photoshop tutorial-shaped hole in their resumes!

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