Get Crooked: Crafting a vibrant classic — Graphic design case study

Get Crooked Graphic Design

We teamed up with Derbyshire-based textiles studio Get Crooked to produce a beautiful, bespoke catalogue showcasing their vibrant range of festival wear and accessories.

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Founded by local artisan Megan Crook, Get Crooked is a Derbyshire-based textile studio specialising in one-of-a-kind pieces — including accessories, interiors and tailored garments — using mixed materials and novelty knitting yarns all created by hand. In preparation for the festival season, a bespoke catalogue was required to showcase the brand’s distinctly vibrant festival fashion collection.

get crooked graphic design
Get Crooked Graphic Design

From the outset, we knew exactly where the visual style needed to be, taking inspiration from the collection’s bold aestethic to create an impactful catalogue that was inherently eye-catching yet elegant in its design. This, we felt, not only best reflected the spirit and identity of the brand but the essence of the festival going experience also.

Get Crooked Graphic Design

Ideas and themes were carefully deliberated before establishing the overall look and feel — adopting a vibrant and dynamic colour combination that was at the same time extremely focussed in its purpose and delivery. With the visual style finalised, we then set to work outlining the structure, taking into consideration the most effective and engaging ways to display content and information across its entire 32-page format.

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