Hallam Interiors: An inside out rebuild — Website case study

Specialising in the design and fitting of luxury spaces around the home, Hallam Interiors worked with Koobr to develop a new website that would not only be used to showcase the firm’s exceptional portfolio but also strengthen their online marketing.

An inspirational website for aspirational spaces

Based in Nottinghamshire, Hallam Interiors has garnered a reputation for creating exceptional bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces, transforming homes all over the Midlands. With an existing website that failed to convey any of this, it was decided that a new site was desperately needed — one that captured the breadth of the firm’s services, the quality of their work and the passion behind everything they do.

In other words, this new website needed to serve as a robust tool for generating leads while also giving people a taste of the less tangible qualities behind firm and its services. It needed to effectively sell the idea of a ‘dream home’.

The new website for Hallam Interiors was built around the idea of capturing and conveying the vision of a luxury dream home — and then using that vision to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Both the visual design and user journey were developed in tandem for a consistent look and feel. This fell not only in-line with the brand’s existing style but also followed central design philosophies underpinning the look and feel of the interior spaces themselves. In many ways, the website was designed as an extension of these spaces — clean, modern and spacious.

The same approach was taken when creating content across the site. Key messaging was crafted in a sparse and deliberate affectation and then built upon to provide a more insightful and vivid picture of the firm and its key services. This was supported by a carefully selected library of photographs, ensuring text, imagery and design all worked cohesively in capturing an inspirational vision.

The entire website was designed and programmed with responsiveness in mind, ensuring seamless usability across all device types, screen-sixes and browsers. Content management was also built-in, enabling the team at Hallam Interiors to regularly update the website with new project portfolios and showcase their work in a visually engaging manner.

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