Harry Potter and the marketing magic: Crafting a memorable brand story

What is a brand narrative? 

Whatever your brand is, you probably have a story to tell. It might be how you met your business partner, the way you accidentally stumbled across the solution to a problem that went onto to become your product, or how you turned a passion into a business. These are all narratives that come together to create a brand story. 

Your brand story needs to help people understand your brand better. That doesn’t just mean getting to know your products, but really getting to know what makes it tick. Your brand story should explain how and why your brand is the way it is – defining your origins, your values and your mission.  

You might think a brand story doesn’t count for much, but it can help to give your business a personality, and when you have that, people will find it easier to like you, engage with you, and ultimately buy from you. A brand story that aligns with the values of the people you are marketing to can help you stand out from the competition and foster a lot of loyalty amongst your customer base. 

When J.K. Rowling first came up with the idea for a boy wizard called Harry, she created a narrative for him that she stuck to throughout seven novels, and her dedication to it ensured that she went on to sell more than 600 million copies across the globe. She always knew who Harry was and how she wanted him to develop, and in doing so, she created a loyal following of millions and amassed a fortune of around £875 million. They are not bad returns for someone who created her brand story on a train back in 1990. 

Build a connection

When Harry first stood on Platform 9 ¾ of King’s Cross Station, he felt very much abandoned in the world. A lonely orphan who had been so badly treated by the terrible Dursley’s is now stood all by himself amidst this huge station with no clue what he should do. That is until the Weasley family arrives. Harry and Ron very quickly form a connection that will last them a lifetime, and though they face danger and peril together, their friendship is unshakable.  

This just goes to show the importance of building a meaningful connection, and your brand story is one of the best ways to do this. Whilst Ron knew far more about what Hogwarts and the wizarding world would hold, the two were embarking on this strange new journey together and they quickly built an emotional connection. In order for your brand to do this, you need to fully reflect the personality of your brand in your marketing, whether it is cheeky, wholesome, generous or helpful. You need to show people who your brand really is if you want them to be drawn to you. 


One of the strongest emotions that we encounter throughout all of the Harry Potter stories is that of loyalty. Ron and Hermione show Harry an unwavering loyalty, repeatedly putting him above themselves to the point of sacrifice. Harry also displays huge amounts of loyalty to Dumbledore and Hagrid. Even when his mentors are not there, he is driven to new levels of courage simply to enable him to prove his loyalty to them. 

Whilst you can’t expect every customer to show Hufflepuff levels of loyalty to your business, you can help to build a healthy dose of this through your brand story. By telling your customers something that is truthful and will resonate with them, you can help them to feel more loyal towards you. Those who feel that you understand their needs, care about them or are striving towards the same goals are more likely to stick with you through thick and thin.  

Be different

From the opening chapter of the very first book, we know that Harry is different from most other people, and Harry knows it too. You might assume that is because there aren’t too many wizards in day-to-day life, but even at Hogwarts it becomes apparent that Harry is not the same as everyone else there.  

Harry was never afraid to follow his own path and be different, and your brand shouldn’t be either. You can differentiate yourself from other businesses like yours through the story that you tell and the picture that you paint. Your story can often mean as much to a customer as the services that you offer, especially when they are able to understand your why and relate to the human element of your business. 

So, if you want your customers to have that lightning bolt moment when it comes to your business, you need Koobr to help you tell your brand story.

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