Home-Start: Built for families — Website case study

We are a small local charity and our funds are hard to come by, so we wanted to get just the right website to replace our outdated one. Thanks to Koobr’s services, we now have the perfect website and are now reaching out to and supporting more families with young children.

— Rich Seal, Home-Start Derby

Since working with Koobr, Home-Start has increased the outreach of its Derbyshire branch, delivering essential services into the homes of local families in need of support as a result of the charity’s new website.

Creating a website for one the UK’s leading family charities

Working with over 27,000 families across the UK, Home-Start provides parents with access to practical, emotional and sustainable support when they need it most. With multiple bases nationwide, it was decided that a new website was required for the Derbyshire branch — one that would elevate the charity’s regional presence, but also remain faithful to the organisation’s overarching identity.

This was first accomplished by sitting down with key members of the Derbyshire branch to identify the needs of the new website and get a clear understanding of what the charity wanted to achieve, both as part of this project and on a much broader scope.

Home-Start is a charity with a lot of national recognition. For that reason, we didn’t want to stray too far from the brand’s established look and feel, but instead focus on making the new site as friendly and intuitive as possible — prioritising the needs of the service-user at every level.

Once a solid framework was established, making navigation as quick and simple as possible, the look and feel of the site was crafted from the charity’s existing brand identity — using the established colour palette, text styles and use of photography.

To further improve usability, calls-to-action were strategically positioned throughout the site, guiding service-users to relevant information while making it easier for them to ultimately make contact with the appropriate touchpoint.

Everything was designed and developed with responsiveness in mind, ensuring flawless functionality across all types of devices (desktop, mobile, tablet), on all types of screen qualities and sizes. The new site was also built to ensure it can be accessed optimally on all browsers.

Content management was also included to ensure staff could easily add, manage and edit content on their website — keeping resources up to date.

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