How does social media benefit your website?

Social media marketing can benefit your website

‘We don’t need social media, it’s pointless and we get no leads from it’. – This is a very common phrase heard in almost any industry (excluding marketing). In theory, it is correct. You won’t always get leads and sales from your social media pages. You do however need to continuously update your socials. You should then see an increase in leads. Below we explain why you won’t see direct leads, but with functioning social media marketing, you will see an increase in leads coming through, most likely through your website channels over the phone. We come back to that word again that we’ve been discussing recently – brand authority.

Building your brand with Social Media Marketing

Social media increases your brand awareness and your authority. One of the main factors a customer will look for when browsing your site is to check your social media. This can signify a few things to the user, whether they are a customer or a business owner. Is the website real? Is there someone managing the social pages or is it a robot? Adding that personal touch can be the exact selling point you need.

With AI taking over a few things currently, B2B communication is one aspect where you can’t lose the human touch. Rather than going to check official documents, a quick look at a website’s social media marketing can highlight exactly what that company does, and is there a real person behind it?

Building your brand is also so important. You want to come across as friendly and professional. With many websites now being written for Search Engines, the best way to get across that friendly image is through Social Media. It’s also a free way to get your brand out there.

That’s why those who dismiss social media marketing could be missing out! Hashtags work in a similar way to keywords. Obviously, there are key promotional materials to consider when using social media. But building your brand using the right hashtags and the right tone of voice can really set you apart from your competitors.

Showing your marketing skillset

Social media marketing is also a great way to show off your skillset. For example, if you are a graphic design company, the best way to highlight your design skills is to use platforms like Instagram and Facebook. For your business focused posts, consider a platform like LinkedIn.

There are experts who can help you to get the best out of your LinkedIn posting. It’s not all ‘I’m the best’ etc. Essentially, all social media posts are helpful in getting leads over the line and showing you have the personal touch. Some brands utilise social media marketing for their most notorious marketing campaigns. Koobr did put together a blog on the best marketing campaigns, and you’ll see the majority include social media!

Instagram is a platform which can help with your social media marketing

Social media helps with your organic marketing

We touched on this earlier in the blog. Having an active social media campaign can always help with the number of organic queries coming through to your site. You can put links in your posts to your blogs (watch this space)! You can link in your bio’s on your platforms which direct back to the website. That’s free marketing! All it takes is to set up a social media account and input those links. Someone somewhere will find it, even if you don’t do anything. If you then proceed with your social media marketing in the right way and promote your brand and business, this is the way forwards. Using those hashtags and keywords, whilst providing eye-catching and visible graphics will find their way into your target audience.

With paid social media, you can set target audiences and demographics which help you to choose the exact audience. It can help to limit the sporadic approach. A wise marketer once said ‘traffic is useless unless it converts’. Whilst this isn’t completely true, sporadic marketing campaigns can have little value. For example, would a 67-year-old in Derby be interested in the latest nightclub venue re-opening which is offering free tickets? (Disclaimer: they could be, but you get the point). That audience would not be the most ideal target for you.

Person scrolling social media whilst having a coffee

So how does social media benefit your website?

Ultimately, social media benefits your website because it shows the human touch. It allows you to reach a further audience than you normally would. A lot of people think that the older generation for example would not be looking at social media accounts. To be honest, the way the world has moved on, the older generation has come around to the idea of Facebook. Ignoring Generation Z, Millennials and Boomer battles, there is a generation split for social networks now.

Facebook will look to drive the older generation to your site. Twitter is more for 25-35-year-olds and Instagram for the age gap below. LinkedIn is probably the most well-rounded platform for B2B selling, but the others take precedence for B2C. However, they will all drive traffic towards your site. That’s the ultimate benefit of it all!

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