How to be happier at work

How to be happier at work

Would you like to be happier at work? Our work environment has a massive impact on our lives, not to mention on our physical & mental health. A great work environment is motivating and even when stressful, leaves you feeling fulfilled.


Of course, the business you work for should aim to keep their staff happy, but alongside this there are also ways that you can help yourself to stay positive and upbeat.

It’s important to make sure you look after yourself at work, and by keeping the following points in mind, you should start to see some positive changes happen and an added spring in your step.



You should feel comfortable, yet motivated, in your work area. Try and add items to your desk such as a plant, photos and a mug with a quote that makes you smile.

If you’re spending 40 hours a week mainly in that space, you need to make sure that you add the little touches to make it your own.

Cup of awesome


It’s important not to keep quiet about any problems you have in the workplace. Speak with your manager, or HR team, if you feel that you have an issue to raise – you’ll feel much better in the long run tackling things head on.

78% of employees who report having a meaningful discussion with their manager about their strengths feel their work is making a difference and is appreciated. source

Communication is key

Have Purpose

Everyone is an important member of staff, no matter what their role is and you should feel that that is always the case. Make sure that you’re provided with a clear job description so you’re aware of the expectations of your role.

There won’t be any harm asking for more responsibilities, and any company worth working for should actively encourage developing their employees.

Looking to be happier at work? Challenge yourself, and you’ll feel much more rewarded and enriched in your role.

Employee of the month


Another thing that often gets neglected, is rewarding ourselves for our hard work. When we have a high-pressure job, we can often forget to still treat ourselves because we’re used to stresses of the job being the norm and don’t feel as though we’ve “gone above and beyond” recently. No matter what your job entails – on your day off, evenings or in your spare time make sure you treat yourself.

Whether that’s a new item of clothing, haircut, a cinema date, a night out with friends or even just a takeaway pizza, make sure you reward yourself for being awesome. This is sure to make you happier at work.

  You're number 1

Switch Off

A lot of us are guilty of taking work home with us, or bringing home to work.

In order to maintain a good work/life balance, you should keep both your work life and your home life as clear separate identities. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should shy away from socialising with colleagues, or discussing your home life with them, but it simply means the stresses and strains from either part shouldn’t affect the other as a general rule.

Sometimes, this is of course unavoidable, but on a day-to-day basis don’t let a stressful work day ruin your time at home.


Relax at home 


You’ve got a pile of things to do, emails firing in from all angles, and the phone keeps ringing – whether or not you’ve had 3 glasses of water by lunchtime isn’t that much of a big deal in comparison.

Staying hydrated at the workplace is important for a whole host of reasons. Hydration will improve your alertness, prevent headaches, improve concentration as well as so many other good things so you should make sure you keep on sippin’. Get into a routine of drinking more water throughout the day – coffee doesn’t count!

Stay hydrated at work 


In your break, don’t just go from one seat to another. Even if you’ve only got 10 minutes spare after eating your lunch, go for a short walk (preferably in some fresh air). Getting a little amount of light exercise will help refresh and reenergise you for the second half of your day.

If you’re in a real snip for time, practice some light desk exercises to keep the blood flowing.

Spend time with nature


Some people naturally like to be organised, whereas for others it can be a bit of a struggle, or even a chore. Implementing small changes to how you organise your work will make your head space (and desk space) much clearer, and will ultimately make you happier at work. Make daily to do lists, make use of a diary and file all of your paperwork in a system you can easily refer back to.

Keep a diary

Hopefully by introducing some of these points into your daily work routine, you’ll start to see some positive changes that will make your day go much more smoothly.

What do you, or your employers, do to ensure that employees are happier at work? I’d love to hear in the comments box below.