i-vengers: Assemble — Website case study

The website created by Koobr is beyond anything we could have imagined. Alongside a digital platform, used by schools across the UK, we now have the marketing tools and technical capabilities to make a significant positive difference in the communities we serve.

– Traci Good, i-vengers

After creating a brand identity for i-vengers — a new initiative raising awareness and standards concerning online safety — Koobr designed and developed a website and accompanying digital platform that would effectively represent the brand and successfully engage audiences online.

Building the tools to bring the team together

Starting with a completely blank canvas, development of the i-vengers website began with an in-depth needs analysis, delving into what would be required in terms of functionality and usability — both front-facing and internally.

From the outset, it was decided an accompanying digital platform / web application would also be required. This custom-built platform would be used exclusively by schools to access resources fundamental to the completion of a year-long education programme. This platform would be separate from the main website, but entirely accessible via the website’s main navigation for the sake of coherence and convenience.

The user journey for the website itself was mapped out during the initial planning stages. With a wide range of service deliverables aimed at various sectors — including education, childcare, law enforcement and varied key organisations within the community — it was important to organise and signpost information for relevant audiences to identify quickly. This was accomplished with an internal navigation system that utilised visual cues and descriptive text formulated from visuals and messaging developed during the initial branding process.

The i-vengers website was designed to encapsulate everything fun and engaging about the initiative while also showcasing expertise and proficiency. In short, a website that reflected all aspects, appealing across all target demographics.

With a framework in place, the entirety of the website was designed around the visual style established during the branding process — utilising the same colour palette, text styles and combination of thematic photography and illustration. Key messaging was also used throughout the website, as well as newly created content outlining specific details, such as comprehensive information about services and benefits relevant to each target audience.

Everything was designed and coded with responsiveness in mind, ensuring seamless compatibility across all devices, screen-sizes and browsers. Content management was also built-in to ensure articles on the blog section could be easily uploaded, edited and managed internally.

Built to make a difference

The same approach to design and development was applied when building the accompanying digital platform / web application. This ensured a clean and consistent experience for users transitioning between the two, incorporating the same visual identity and messaging, although re-configured for an entirely different purpose. 

Unlike the website, which also had to serve as a useful marketing tool, the web application was created solely for housing resources, such as videos, course information and lesson tasks. As such, categorisation and navigation of these resources was the primary focus behind the design and build — ensuring content was intuitively accessible to users and easily uploaded and maintained by internal staff.

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