i-vengers: The first i-venger — Branding case study

Koobr has somehow managed to capture everything special, unique and purposeful about our initiative. They have created a brand identity that is both professional and playful, authoritative and fun, everything we stand for. They were incredibly thorough during the entire process, and we trusted their insight, skillset and creative judgement at every stage.

– Traci Good, i-vengers

The i-vengers initiative was launched in 2020, raising awareness and standards in online safety throughout schools and communities across the midlands and the rest of the UK. Just a few months prior, Koobr worked with the team to develop a brand identity from the ground-up, one that would resonate with audiences and encapsulate the values upon which the initiative was founded.

An origin story for a new band of heroes

With the subject of internet safety becoming an increasingly important subject in schools, homes and across communities, the i-vengers initiative was launched to provide much-needed clarity, education and training. Working with children, teachers, law enforcement and key workers, i-vengers seeks to make the online environment a place of opportunity for young explorers, empowering them with the skills and knowledge to make safe and smart choices that will positively impact and advance their lives.

These were just a few of the core principles behind the initiative Koobr gleaned from the Brand Discovery workshop: an interactive session where time was spent delving into the purpose, delivery and benefits behind this new initiative. This enabled our team to conceptualise the look and feel of the brand, beginning with the central messaging, crafting a distinctive theme and tone, and then working outwardly to create a consistent visual style.

The messaging was built around the theme of ‘empowerment’ and exclusivity, leading with the statement ‘The Online World Needs Heroes.’ This was chosen not only in reference to the name but also as a rallying statement bringing children, adults and communities together as a united force for making the online environment a safer, better place for young people.

The idea behind the branding for i-vengers is that anybody can be a hero. Everybody has a part to play in making the online world a safer, better place for tomorrow’s young explorers.

The colour scheme was developed to appeal across multiple audiences, striking a deliberate balance between fun and professional. This was accomplished by using a bright, bold palette invoking connotations of the superhero genre, without being too complicated or absolute in conviction. This was carried across in the creation of the logo, taking similar visual cues and stylistic inspirations to create something more literal — an actual superhero icon. This was done to not only give the initiative a distinctive sense of identity but also in service of the broader themes behind the brand; that anyone can be a hero.

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