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JPT Branding

We’re delighted with the branding developed by Koobr. They have provided our company with a thoughtfully fresh, modern and distinctive identity that not only elevates the way we look but also helps us to stand out from our competitors.

– Rob Franklin, JPT

We teamed up with Midlands-based IT specialists JPT to give their brand, what they call in the industry, an extensive update — rich with improvements, exciting new features and an engaging new interface.

More than a graphical refresh

When it came to developing a new brand identity for one of the region’s most accomplished IT support providers, the team at JPT wanted more than a simple facelift; they wanted a complete visual overhaul that extended all the way down to the company’s roots.

In order to achieve this, we spent a great deal of time getting to understand the makeup of the business — delving deep into their infrastructure, their services, the needs of their customers and how everything tied together with the company’s overarching vision.

JPT Branding

From out of this process, a single creative concept was developed around a central theme underpinning the tone, style and essence of where the new brand identity needed to be. This then led to the creation of a new mission statement from which key messaging was extrapolated in a clear and consistent fashion.

JPT Branding

The overarching colour scheme was wholly refreshed; taking cues from a combination of industry-themed and natural imagery / tones to develop a distinct visual identity reflective of the ‘seamless, ethical, beautiful’ theme around which the new brand was formulated.

This was done in conjunction with the creation of a new typographical logo that would serve as the lead identifier for the brand — completely reworked into something cleaner, simpler and more contemporary than the previous logo.

Everything about the new branding for JPT was created to strip away the complexities surrounding IT, instead focusing on the end-result of making things better, clearer and simpler. In other words, a breath of fresh air.

JPT Branding
JPT Branding

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