JPT: Ver 2.0 — Website case study

Koobr was incredibly thorough in understanding our needs and vision. The result is a beautiful, modern website that perfectly showcases our work, our services and our brand online.

– Rob Franklin, JPT

After creating a new brand for Midlands-based IT specialists JPT, Koobr designed and developed a completely new website that would not only serve to reinforce the firm’s new identity but also strengthen its online marketing.

A complete upgrade inside and out

Whilst it would have been possible to simply refresh JPT’s existing website, applying the new visual style and messaging to relevant pages across the site, the team at JPT wanted to make improvements at every possible level. This meant starting entirely from scratch, rethinking what was required from both a marketing and brand communication perspective and then designing a radically different website around those aspects specifically.

Having already gotten to grips with the firm’s commercial objectives during the Brand Discovery process, Koobr was quickly able to establish a solid framework for the new website — one that provided a detailed outline of the firm’s many service offerings while also reinforcing broader values and benefits intrinsic to the business.

This was accomplished via design philosophies that married up with those central to the new brand identity. The main navigation, for instance, was deliberately kept simple yet elegant, making it easy for users to browse, locate and identify service offerings relevant to their needs. At the same time, page layouts were kept minimalist and streamlined, containing only the most necessary information, imagery and calls-to-action. This approach ensured an unencumbered user experience, prioritising simplicity and convenience above everything else.

The JPT website was designed to look and feel effortless, without compromising character, substance and performance. A perfect representation of the brand’s intrinsic qualities.

With a definitive structure in place, the visual style developed during the branding process was carried across for total consistency — utilising the same colour palette, text styles and thematic photography. Key messaging was also carried across and expanded upon where necessary, specifically for each of the service descriptors and other significant details about the company and its processes of operation.

Everything was designed and programmed with responsiveness in mind, ensuring seamless functionality and readability on all devices (desktop, mobile and tablet), on all types of screen specs and sizes. The new site was also built to ensure compatibility with all browsers, without any discrepancies or performance issues.

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