Koobr are recruiting – 3 reasons a career in marketing might be for you

Koobr are recruiting for talented new members, but do you have what it takes to join our team of creative revolutionists? It may well be the start of a promising new career.

Why would you not want to be in marketing? It’s a sexy profession, it gets the creative juices flowing, it’s full of variety – ask any marketer, no day is ever the same – and it’s versatile.

It’s also, arguably, taking on increasing prominence in the business world. At the end of the day, you could have the best product in the world or the greatest invention since, well, sliced bread, but it’s pointless if you can’t get the word out.

84% of businesses spent more time on their marketing in 2016 than the previous year.

– ReachLocal survey, 2016

As an agency, that’s where we come in — enabling our clients to communicate exactly what it is that they want to get across to target audiences, helping them to achieve their commercial and marketing objectives.

But marketing is a different beast to what it used to be. It’s evolving all the time. According to Adobe, 76% of people feel that marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the previous 50 – and it takes someone with a bit of va va voom to stand out from the crowd in a profession that is increasingly competitive.

From brochures to websites, logos to entire brand identities and campaigns, the digital age has dramatically re-shaped the way marketing works today. Think an exciting career in the world of marketing might be for you? Here’s three ways of knowing it might be right up your street.

tick-iconYou’re a creative soul

It doesn’t matter which marketing route you take, it pays to be creative if you want a successful career in marketing. Of course, there’s a place for all types of personalities, but the best campaigns, the best websites, the best adverts; they all have one thing in common… the creativity behind them helps them stand out from the crowd. And creativity is not limited to the actual ‘production’ side of things, it’s also evident in your personality, and the enthusiastic way you engage clients on behalf of an agency. Does your creative spark set you apart? Then a career in marketing might be for you.

tick-iconYou’re an obsessive thinker

You’ve got a killer idea and you know you’ve got the tools and ability to make your marketing campaign look great. But can you afford to leave the results to chance? Good marketers think analytically and take every little detail into account. Pre- and post- analysis is so important. Before you embark on your campaign, what do you want to get out of it? Afterward, what have you learned about what worked well, what didn’t, what can be improved on? What has the behaviour of your target market taught you and how will it influence future campaigns? If you’ve got an eye for detail and can see the bigger picture, you’re onto a winner!

tick-iconYou’re progressive

Never has marketing been so diverse. Nowadays you need to be a social media specialist, an analytics guru, a behavioural expert, a tech genius. Or do you… Of course, it’s great to have a relevant background and all the requisite skills, but to survive and thrive in marketing, you need to be forward-thinking, progressive, embrace new ideas and understand – plus take advantage of – current trends. Do you have your finger on the pulse? It’s another sure-fire sign that you and a career in marketing is a match made in heaven!

Join the revolution now!

The position for a new Business Development Manager is no longer vacant.