Koobr welcomes three into the fold


We’re really thrilled with the way our team has grown and flourished in the last year.

– Craig Barker, Koobr

Say Hello to Nikk, Sophie, and Ashley

It’s always exciting when a new member joins the team, so we’re absolutely thrilled to be able introduce not one but three new additions to Koobr!

Say Hello to Nikk, Sophie, and Ashley.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s dive straight in and get to know how they’re each helping our customers to achieve in marketing objectives in very different ways.

Meet Nikk, experienced web developer.

Originally brought in to increase capacity for new projects, he quickly established himself as an invaluable asset, securing a full-time position in our web development team.

“I’ve been flexing my coding muscles on some really successful web development projects for some of Koobr’s biggest clients,” says Nikk. “I look forward to bringing even more fresh ideas to the table, pushing the envelope to help bring our customers the absolute best when it comes to outstanding websites and digital application products.”

In addition to having a strong background in web development, Nikk also has extensive experience in software engineering, working on a diverse range of digital application products for use in a variety of industries and sectors.

Introducing digital marketing manager, Sophie.

Because of the increasing demand for Koobr’s ongoing digital marketing services, Sophie was introduced to the team during our busiest quarter to date. Specialising in content marketing, SEO, and PPC, Sophie joined our digital marketing team where she now manages accounts for many of our longest standing clients.

With her support and expertise, we’re now helping even more customer achieve their marketing objectives across multiple digital platforms on a continual basis.

“Businesses work with Koobr because they want an effective marketing solution that delivered results,” explains Sophie. “Our holistic approach ensures every base is thoroughly covered, utilising the support of the entire team from a strategic, creative, and technical standpoint.”

Meet Ashley, talented graphic designer.

Last but by no means least, Ashley rounds off our trio, joining the ranks of our creative design team where he now helps our customers to connect with audiences in effective and visually impactful ways.

“Koobr has a longstanding reputation of producing great graphic design. It’s one of the core services of this now multi-faceted branding agency. I’m extremely proud to be a part of that.”

Koobr’s Managing Director, Craig Barker, added: “We’re really thrilled with the way our team has grown and flourished in the last year.”

“The latest strategic, creative, and technical expertise we have in-house means we can do even more to provide clients with a complete marketing package.”

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