Life’s a beach: Summer marketing strategies to make the sun shine

Summer is officially here, and the sun is supposed to be shining. Even though we might not have seen as much of the big orange ball in the sky as we might have liked, summer can still present businesses with some terrific marketing opportunities.

Switching your marketing to match the seasons has always been a successful plan, but getting it right can be tricky. It takes more than adding a smiley sunshine or a beachball to the corner of your artwork to really get the message across and make it work for you. So, how do you do it?

Summer specials

One great way to harness the summer vibes is to offer something exclusive for the season. Whatever it is that you offer, producing a limited edition option with a summery theme can be a great way to grab attention. Not only will it help to tap into the summer mood, but the fact that it is only available for a short time can help to drive demand. Once you have the attention of your target market, you then have the opportunity to sell other things to them, or to win a new customer that will continue to return to you.

Even if what you offer doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the summer, just coming up with something new and give it a seasonal name can help you get in on the summer act.


Embrace summer events

We know that the sun doesn’t always shine for a British summer, but we are always hopeful and so a lot of events tend to be planned for this time of year that you can embrace. Sporting events such as Wimbledon and the Women’s World Cup have all given us something to get excited about, and have lots of themes that you can use within your own marketing.

It is also a good opportunity to get involved in something more local. Whether it is a concert, a fair or a competition, getting involved as a part of the local community can get your name out there and can help to win you a lot of new fans.


The weather

We’ve mentioned the weather a couple of times already, and this is because it is a national obsession. As Brits, we spend more time than we would like to admit to talking about the weather, so why not incorporate this into your marketing? Whether it is too hot or a damp disappointment, there are lots of things you can play on knowing that your audience is sure to empathise.


Leaving on a jet plane

As the weather can’t be relied upon, most of us can be found jetting off to sunnier spots throughout the summer, and so the holiday theme is something else that you can use in your favour. Whether you are providing a solution to a holiday dilemma, or simply need it for a play on words, the package holiday market can give you lots of inspiration.


Changing your marketing

All of this sounds like fun, but you might be left wondering why changing your marketing in this way can help you? They say that a change is as good as a rest, and the same is true of marketing strategies. Whilst consistent brand recognition is important, you need to make sure that your marketing does not become stagnant, as eventually it will simply blend in with the wallpaper. Changing your marketing in line with the season allows you to continue to get your message across, but in a way that can help to capture new attention and to make your marketing seem refreshing. Tap into the things that are important to your market, or are a feature in their lives and they will be much more likely to pay attention.

At Koobr, we have marketing strategies that can work for you at any time of the year. We know how to make the most of the seasons, and how to make a change for you that can offer real benefits. Call us today on 01332 419803 for a chat about your needs and find out more about how we can help you.

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