Matthew Walker: Proof is in the pudding — Graphic Design case study

Last year, in preparation for the busy festive period, we worked with the world’s largest maker of traditional Christmas puddings, to help inspire and motivate their staff through beautifully designed employee engagement material.

A traditional approach for a very traditional brand

Recognised throughout the world as the largest, longest standing maker of traditional Christmas puddings since 1899, we knew it was important to approach the design of Matthew Walker’s employee engagement material with a balance of new and old concepts.

In other words, we wanted to deliver something fresh and exciting, whilst retaining the heritage and values on which the company, its products and the brand was founded.

A complete redesign of the organisation’s employee handbook was underdone, bringing it up to date with the existing Matthew Walker brand style. This included the creation of stylised icons, on on-brand imagery, and phrases to make the whole thing feel cohesive, friendly, and engaging.

The overall style of the employee handbook was purposely reflective of the Mathew Walker brand from both an external and internal perspective — serving as a consistent reminder of the high level of quality the organisation puts into its products, as well as the high standard of employee care.

The visual style of the employee handbook was carried over when creating a new wall mural depicting the history of the company, to be displayed in the staff cafeteria. The concept was chosen to reinforce the same internal messaging, heritage, and sentiments.

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