Why you need to use email marketing in 2016

74% of UK consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email, with more than half going on to make a purchase.

– Econsultancy

Even today, in this age of social media and mobile communication, email is still the preferential and most highly rated marketing channel in terms of its effectiveness by both consumers and marketers.

Few things are more valuable to your marketing efforts than the data you have accumulated pertaining to both new and existing customers. And if you have yet to cultivate a mailing list, then now is the time to start building one.

How email marketing can improve your business

There’s a lot more to email marketing than pushing your latest products and services. Yes it’s an effective way of generating sales, but email marketing also has the capacity for long-term customer retention. It’s also great for brand awareness.

Providing regular high-quality content via email – content your clients can really use – is a surefire way of retaining that relationship, keeping your business fresh in their minds for when they require your services in the future. It also demonstrates customer value. And quality content that’s shared beyond your existing customer-base is likelier to extend your reach and generate new business.

Below is a visual representation of how the email marketing model works.

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