OK Google, write me a marketing blog

“Alexa: create a marketing strategy for me.” 

“Siri: find my target market.” 

It might seem like the stuff of science fiction, but the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one seriously hot topic at the moment, especially in the world of marketing. There are more and more businesses looking to incorporate AI into their marketing strategy in the hope it can help them reach new stratospheres. 

So, will AI help your business reach for the stars, or is it likely to come crashing back to Earth with a thump?

What is AI?

Essentially, AI spends most of its time collecting huge amounts of data and analysing it to find trends and observations about your audience. You might think that you know your audience already, but I can guarantee that AI knows it better.

It will be watching what they read, what they buy, and what influences them to do so constantly so that it knows exactly what Margaret in Bognor Regis had for breakfast, the news articles she read before work, the present she ordered for her niece and the rabbit hole of cat videos that she went down when she was on her lunch break. All of this forms a detailed picture of Margaret that tells us not only what she likes, but what she dislikes and what she responds best to.

Now, imagine you could have that kind of data about every possible member of your target audience. In a way, you can!

I’m sold! How do I use AI in my marketing?

AI can have many different uses when it comes to your marketing strategy, so it is up to you to decide how it will best serve you. It has hit the news recently for its ability to write content in an instant with just a few simple instructions, and there are graphics programmes that can work in much the same way, making a lot of the practical elements of blog writing and advertising an awful lot easier.

However, this doesn’t really use AI to its fullest extent. Its ability to gather such massive amounts of data means that has an incredible understanding of your audience. It can be used to give you ridiculously detailed insights into who they are and what makes them tick. That means you get to know what they are receptive to, so you can see what messages, imagery and strategies get them going and which ones turn them off.

AI never stops learning, which means it is harvesting data at all times and twisting and turning it to continually improve your campaigns, even after you’ve clocked off for the night.

What can AI bring to my business?

One of the key things that AI can bring you is speed. The levels at which it can gather and analyse data and act on it is mind-blowing, meaning that when used correctly, it can streamline everything you do, making you more efficient, more productive and more effective. Who doesn’t want that?

This speed means that the data you are looking at when you make your own decisions is never cold. It can give you real-time results and personalisation that is constantly changing and updating.

When all of this is combined in the right way, it should mean that you start to see better returns for your business, and more coherent and successful marketing campaigns.

What’s the catch?

Does it all sound too good to be true? That’s because it is, but only sometimes. AI is an amazing tool, but much like any new technology, it is still evolving. That means it isn’t perfect yet, and it is likely to still undergo a lot of changes.

I explained that your AI is constantly learning, but when you first dip your toe into the world of artificial intelligence, you will both have a big learning curve. Your AI won’t have all the answers immediately and needs time to gather enough data for it to give you anything meaningful. Like any good relationship, you also need to learn as you go. The more you give your AI tools, the more you get out of them, so you need to learn how to treat it, what to ask of it and what its limitations might be. AI needs high quality data to give you what you need, so make sure that you are feeding it the good stuff from the start in order to get the best results.

Have you ever thought that you might have too much of a good thing? Well, that can be true of data too. The amount of data AI can gather is almost unfathomable, so you can get to a saturation point that means it gets so specific you are only targeting Margaret and not the millions of other people out there.

As you might have seen in the news, there can be some issues around the content AI is capable of producing. Whilst it might read well, it is not always perfect, and so you need to do a certain amount of fact and quality checking before posting anything it creates. Algorithms are still wary of AI content and can reject things that they think are AI creations. This will change over time but is something you need to be aware of.

AI is an amazing tool, but it is still changing and growing, and no one really knows what kind of a beast it will turn out to be. It has some incredible powers, but you need to know how to harness them to really get the best of them. Don’t look at AI as a threat to creativity or your existing team, look at it as something that can compliment and support what you already have in place.

At Koobr, we know marketing inside out. We work with tried and tested tools to make sure your marketing strategy is as effective as possible. By already understanding things like AI, we can get the very best results for your business with minimal effort from you.

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