RDS Global: Success and results – Website case study

Having known Craig and the Koobr team for several years, I knew where I had to take this project. This new dynamic website has already seen an increase in not only traffic but also conversions for new business.

– Phil Harvey, Director, RDS Global

After working with Koobr in 2017, RDS Global has received more than double the number of monthly enquiries for new business and won two substantial contracts as a result of their new website.

Creating a stronger marketing tool for Derby’s leading IT Support provider

Recognised as Derby’s leading IT support provider — supporting customers in over 200 locations across the UK — RDS Global required a new website to better reflect the high level of customer service for which the organisation is known, whilst serving as a successful marketing tool used to promote services and generate new business.

This decision came out of meetings with the RDS marketing team, who felt the previous build was outdated and, in many ways, hindered a lot of their marketing activities. We worked closely with the team to establish their objectives for the project, enabling us to pinpoint areas that could be improved upon in the new build, whilst identifying other areas to help the success of all future marketing efforts.

From the the outset, RDS Global wanted a website that would enable its sales and marketing teams to co-ordinate and maximise their efforts. In order to facilitate this, the new website was specifically built to be integrated with customer relationship and email marketing systems — providing the team with the necessary tools to access customer data and employ a more successful marketing campaign and sales strategy. Meanwhile, an easy-to-use content management system was implemented to assist with ongoing communication. The team is now able to create, organise, and maintain customer-targeted content across the entire website that will assist with marketing and brand recognition.

The RDS team are now left with a far more effective communication, marketing and lead generation tool.

With the project objectives, target market and key messages in mind, the website structure was designed to highlight appropriate action with clear targeted calls-to-action in the most appropriate places — thereby maximising chances of conversion and fulfilling the client’s need to use the website as a tool for capturing data and increasing customer activity/enquiries.

Design, user experience, and tangible results

As part of delivering a positive user experience for visitors, it was important to build a website that worked for every kind of user.

Everything was designed and put together with responsiveness in mind, ensuring seamless functionality and readability across all types of devices (desktop, mobile, tablet), on all types of screen qualities and sizes. The new site was also built to ensure it can be accessed on all browsers without any issues.

The overall look of the new website communicated a more up-to-date representation of the RDS brand; consistent with all other RDS marketing channels, thereby strengthening brand communication and marketing activities aimed towards visitors referred to the site from other said channels.

Google Analytics was then implemented to track user activity on the website and measure the success of all ongoing marketing activities. Since the launch of the new website, RDS have seen significant improvements when it comes to user engagement. Website traffic has almost doubled and the amount of time that visitors spend on the website/individual pages has dramatically increased, while bounce rate (the percentage of users leaving a website after unsuccessfully finding the information they are looking for) has decreased.

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