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Knowing what metrics you need to measure is not always the easiest task. Various professionals will tell you different metrics that they will be looking for. This blog details what metrics in marketing Koobr measures when offering to run your social media. We feel it is important to share as social media platforms can offer plenty of different benefits. Whether it is exposure, click-throughs, leads or general brand awareness, here is what we look at. As a social media agency based in Derby, our dedicated team put together this handy checklist. See if there is anything that catches the eye in our article.

Social media agencies will use certain metrics to analyse your data

Social Media Engagement

When working with either an existing client or a potential client, the buzzword when it comes to social media will be engagement. “Let’s get some engagement” will be the key phrase that you are likely to hear. Previously, we discussed the demand that clients have when wanting to go viral.  That links into their engagement goals.

At the end of the day, you want a fancy looking social media page that shows that as a company or brand, you know what you are doing. If people are commenting, interacting and liking with your posts, this only improves your page. It increases your reach and therefore, your visibility. This is probably the most important metric to measure your social media marketing. There’s no point in having lots of followers, likes and fancy graphics if no one can see them. That’s why hashtags are important. But also, interactive posts and questions are just as important. Asking important questions is a way of getting followers and profiles to comment and interact. If someone shares your post, that’s a whole new audience you may not have reached.

Fancy reading an example post? Check it out below:

Which is your favourite social media agency in Derby? 

A) Koobr
B) Koobr
C) Koobr

Obviously, we jest. But this is an example. Followers would be able to either vote and take part in your poll, or comment who their favourite is. That will increase reach, engagement and visibility. For more intriguing posts from your favourite Derby-based social media agency (wink…), follow our Facebook page here.

Instagram and social metrics

Website analytics

One thing we always mention at Koobr is how digital marketing is all intertwined. Every aspect of your marketing needs to be pulling in the same direction. Your social media content needs to be the same as your website posts. The same tone, the same topics and the same ideas.

But how does social media have an impact on your website analytics?

Well, a website and its performance are evaluated by search engines and customers in many aspects. If a website does not have a valid social media presence, it might harm your website. So one thing Koobr would look at would be the success of your website analytics. The social media team would look at Google analytics to see if the volume of traffic increases. Conversion rate from social and your website would also be taken into consideration during the evaluation.

If, after setting up social media pages and having a clean content strategy, your conversion rate increases, that could be partly down to your social media platforms. In the year 2022, almost everybody is on a social platform. Facebook is obviously the most well known and a key player in creating your online presence. For B2B goals, LinkedIn is also incredibly important. Why? Well, a customer who is viewing your website may well check out your social media pages before converting. This is because they want to know there is a human element to the company. A customer will want to see that the company is not dormant and is still active.

For example, Koobr would be looking to reach customers who are looking for a social media agency in Derby. If we wanted to attract the right client and convert them, they are likely to view the business’ social media. If you can’t trust a social media agency because they don’t update their own social media, why would you let them look after yours? That’s why our dedicated team ensure we are constantly promoting great content out for both our clients and our own platforms.

Koobr, as a social media agency based in Derby will help to measure your metrics on your website.

Social media metrics

So, essentially as a social media agency, there are the main metrics we would be looking to improve. The end goal would obviously be to increase traffic and sales (or leads), but increased engagement would help your overall brand authority. Social media would also help with your SEO metrics, so there is plenty more to consider. That is why we offer a complete marketing service. All marketing platforms, whether organic or paid need to be pulling in the same direction. That’s the main crux of it all.

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