Celebrating World Marketing Statistics Day with Koobr

Around World Statistics Day, what better way is there to celebrate than running through some amazing stats and numbers? In the outside world, the creative Koobr team look at other stats. We find ourselves looking at football results, league tables, running times and how many pints were consumed. But during the week, the focus is mainly on marketing statistics. As a full-service marketing agency specialising in branding and graphic design, you might wonder why this marketing agency in Derby is so interested in numbers. Well, numbers are everywhere, even in colours. We’ve got colours, coding, Google Analytics, social followers, wherever you go in Marketing, numbers are what people are looking at. That’s even without talking about revenue and keyword rankings. At the end of the day though, the reason the team love numbers is because they highlight and breed success.

Marketing statistics you need to know about

The marketing world is consistently changing. Trends are updating and the technology involved is always developing. There’s new software and updates on almost a daily basis. That’s one more reason why stats are important to the industry. Below are just some of the major marketing stats that any marketing agency would need to monitor and report on in order to deliver a great service to clients. At Koobr, we love monitoring the numbers and sending them out in weekly or monthly reports. From the hub in Derby, this marketing agency has put numbers at the forefront of its reporting. It’s in the Data.

Organic Search

According to HubSpot, roughly 64% of marketers in 2020 invested their time in Search Engine Optimisation to improve their websites and increase the traffic to their site. It is a long-term strategy but one worth spending time on definitely. Think of it like this, apart from the time and effort that is spent on websites, organic search results could acquire you leads for zero cost. Ranking at the top of Google will naturally increase your traffic (though make sure you are doing it for the right keywords).

The statistics are important in organic search as people who have invested their time in this will want to see an increase in the numbers. When offering SEO services, a marketing agency should report on the number of keywords you are ranking for. You also want to check the individual ranking of each keyword. There also needs to be an emphasis on the number of click-throughs from organic search results.

Don’t forget the link building aspect either of organic search. Google ranks sites on their importance and their authority. So, for example, the Domain Authority of a site matters, as well as the Domain Rating. The higher the scores, the better your statistics will look. For example, check out a keyword like marketing agency in Derby and you’ll be able to see Koobr. Something we pride ourselves on is our own branding and organic search. This is relatable in the service we offer to clients.


Blogging helps your organic search. That’s a fact. Most people who you speak to about SEO and organic searches will tell you that content is king, and it is. You just need to have a targeted strategy. If you write good quality and informative content on your blog (insert jokes about this one here) then you’ll be able to impress the Google bots and moderators. We recently talked about the importance of content through imagery in our Koobr blog on alternative text tags.

Essentially, focus on a keyword and stick to it. Write blogs on it, promote it on social media and get targeted anchor texts back to your links. A formulated plan is usually a good plan and helps your brand to look consistent. Talk about topical news stories and events. We would have loved to have written a blog about Squid Game right now, but would that be relevant? If you can think of squeezing Squid Game into an article on statistics then that would be quite impressive. Although it is on track to be the most-watched programme on Netflix. Wait, is that a statistic? So it is.

But anyway, how many of you who own a company have a company blog on your site? If you are trying to sell something, why not sell it through writing? As creative revolutionaries, the art of advertising is a target we are wanting to and aiming to hit.

Why numbers can help in branding

It sounds silly, but for any branding agency, or any artist for that matter, numbers are important. In fact, branding includes one of the more intriguing statistics: It takes 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand. Numbers make up the Pantone of colours, meaning you are always able to ensure you are using the same shades. To the naked eye, two graphics may look the same. However, a closer inspection using graphic design tools, including ColorZilla for example, will highlight the different shades. You’ll be able to see the different numbers making up the RGB of colours. So although it seems small, the number of colours that are used and the numbers that make up the different types of colours, make a huge difference to anyone working in Marketing and Graphic Design.

At Koobr, our heritage is in branding and design, but we’ve also moved with the times and have seen the light in terms of facts and stats. If you can, try and enjoy World Statistics Day!

A few stats you might enjoy

Also, watch Squid Game. Watch Drive to Survive. Watch the new James Bond. These are all programmes that are likely to break statistics records. On this side, the creative team will be keeping an eye on our clients’ numbers, but also waiting for Harry Kane to break the record for goals scored for England.

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