Team Koobr completes the Ramathon — Thank you to everybody who supported us

After weeks of training, semi-strict dieting, and running up and down steps a la Rocky Balboa, Team Koobr took part in this year’s Ramathon. Here’s how we got on.

First off, we want to express our gratitude for everybody’s kind messages and generous donations. We are truly overwhelmed by the support Team Koobr received during this year’s Ramathon — helping us to raise more than £500.00 for Asthma UK.

In an earlier blog post, Koobr’s Managing Director, Craig Barker, talked about why this was a very worthy and personal cause. So, a great big Thank You to all who helped us to exceed our goal. We could never have possibly done this without you.

Secondly, we would like to say Well Done to all the runners and race organisers. It was a touching display, and an absolute privilege to run alongside the fantastic people of Derby. With so many worthwhile causes being supported on the day, it really made us proud to be part of such a positive and inspirational city.

Thanks to Simon Smith from JAKT Photography for the above two photographs.

Friendly faces across the finish line

In addition to all the friendly faces cheering us on from crowds, it was a pleasure to see quite a few friends of Koobr — Yvonne Gorman from Essential Print Services, Sean Price from RDS Global, and Rob Hodgkinson from Hodgkinson Builders — also fundraising for good causes.

Both Craig and Rebecca, Koobr’s Marketing Manager, managed to beat their earlier predicted times and finished the thirteen miles in around two hours twenty minutes. Which just goes to show that all that extra training and clean eating does pay off. They’ve since had a well-deserved drink, though, to celebrate, and a couple of large pizzas to make up for lost time.

And it’s fair to say they’ll be easing off on the running. Until next year, at least.