The Maynard: Another round —Website case study

The implementation and support have been incredible. Koobr took all the stress out of everything, producing a dynamic yet easy to navigate website that is easy to use and modify.

— Rob Hattersley, The Maynard

After creating a new brand for The Maynard, Koobr designed and built a radically new website that would reinforce the venue’s new identity online and serve as an effective booking platform for online customers.

Creating an experiential site

Development of The Maynard’s new website began with an initial needs analysis, delving into the different areas of the business — Bar, Restaurant, Hotel, Experiential and Weddings — to create a solid framework for building an intuitive and engaging user experience.

The main navigation was kept simple, providing users with a straightforward route to specific areas of the site. Simultaneously, the more dynamic appearance of the homepage, providing visitors with a general sense of the venue and its services, would serve a warm and concise introduction for visitors of every kind.

At its heart, we wanted The Maynard’s new website to serve as a digital extension of the venue itself. Modern, sophisticated and effortless — delivering users a taste of the brand and exemplary customer experience.

The aesthetic elements were carried over from the visual style developed in the branding process — utilising the exact same colour palette, text styles and photography use. Key messaging developed for the brand was also used throughout the website. This not only ensured consistency across all offline / online communications but also served to reinforce the look and feel from a stylistic standpoint.

Everything was designed and built with responsiveness in mind, ensuring seamless compatibility across all devices, screen-sizes and browsers. Content management was also built-in to allow for internal maintenance and editing of all essential pages. This would ensure staff could easily update the website to accommodate marketing and promotions, such as seasonal changes to food menus, upcoming events and latest news.

Online booking made simple

From the very outset, the new site was conceived as a way for The Maynard to generate sales via online inquiries — enabling customers to effortlessly book a table at the bar or restaurant, a room at the hotel, or reserve the venue for weddings and other social occasions. This was achieved by mapping out a definitive user-journey during the initial design stages, carefully structuring pages so that calls-to-action were strategically placed across relevant areas of the website. Integration with a third-party online booking system was then applied to the final build, ensuring a seamless and straightforward booking process for all customers.

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