The Maynard: Renovating a classic — Branding case study

Koobr was an obvious choice to develop a new brand identity. There was a fantastic exploration of the vision we had for the hotel, our ethos and values. We were thrilled with the results, they were imaginative, modern and fitted the brief perfectly. It’s a pleasure to work with the team at Koobr, who are not only efficient and professional but are really good fun and great to get along with.

– Rob Hattersley, The Maynard

In early 2020, The Maynard reopened its doors to the public after a short hiatus, having worked with Koobr to develop a new brand identity. The venue now has a fresh new look that has been warmly welcomed by visitors new and existing alike.

The new traditional

For more than a century, The Maynard has remained an iconic fixture within Derbyshire’s Peak District National Park, widely renowned for its exquisite grounds, luxury hotel and exemplary atmosphere. Following a brief hiatus and a change in management, it was decided a new brand identity was required, signifying the start of a new era while also paying respect to The Maynard’s long and storied history.

Additionally, management wanted to reposition The Maynard as a more ‘accessible’ venue than previously perceived — shaking off preconceptions of ‘high-exclusivity’ without compromising the quality and prestige for which The Maynard has always been known.

The visual identity was developed around the idea of creating something both modern and timeless in its presentation. A regal-looking blue and gold combination was chosen for the primary colour scheme, exuding a sense of stature, while keeping things clean, fresh and ultimately modern with accentual whites and plenty of open space.

This same approach was carried across in the development of the new logo, a reimagining of the Maynard Family coat of arms. Much of the detailing and intricacies of the original were stripped-back and refined, resulting in a far cleaner and less complicated composition that would look equally impactful across both digital and traditional methods of brand communication.

Branding for The Maynard was deliberately crafted to strike a precise balance between simplicity and luxury — shaking off outdated preconceptions while remaining faithful to the long and storied history behind this beloved establishment.

Messaging was crafted in alignment with the new visual style, reframing the venue as a ‘home in the heart of simple luxury’, striking an ideal balance between casual and upmarket. With this identity firmly in mind, further messaging — with the same friendly yet equally distinguished tone — was created to support each of the venue’s core offerings (Bar, Restaurant, Hotel, Experiential and Weddings). Tying these different elements together, the strap line ‘Enjoy More at The Maynard’ was chosen for emphasis.

Bringing the family together

As part of the initial brief, Koobr was also tasked with creating a new brand identity for The Maynard’s umbrella company, Longbow Bars & Restaurant. This new brand, whilst retaining its own identity, would also need to look and feel congruent with subsequent brands within the overarching family. This was accomplished by implementing a similar visual style and strapline, ‘Enjoy More’, that could be used interchangeably with all venues within the Longbow brand.

Additional branded material for The Maynard was also created in the new style. These included business cards, menus, bill slips, stationery and a 16-page wedding brochure with high-spec photography and messaging.

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