The Ultimate Cookie Crackdown

the ultimate cookie crackdown

We know what comes to your mind when we mention cookies… but no, this isn’t about the warm, gooey cookies that we bake in the oven. However, as a marketing agency, we know there’s more to it than that.

We go big or go home around here! We’re talking about internet cookies! Don’t worry, Koobr are here to give you the ultimate guide on all you need to know about cookies online.

Erm? What is an internet cookie?

In simple terms, a cookie (formerly known as an HTTP cookie) is a small text file that stores bits of information. Its main purpose is to help identify you to a website when visiting. We create cookies so we can essentially track the data, which can massively help the website perform various tasks.

Why do we need them?

Well, as you may or may not know, HTTP is the main way to communicate with a web server, so in terms of using them on a website, they are awesome to keep track of session management on your website – it can help aid you with login persistence and multi-tab browsing. They are extremely important when browsing the internet, they also can play a great role in making your internet sessions more convenient for you!

Types of cookies in the words of a marketing agency

When using a website, there are three different types of cookies. With each one giving a specific purpose and tending to different activities.

Session cookies

These are temporary cookies, that are created for a single session, and they vanish once you close the browser. Session cookies are mainly used by government websites, banks etc.

They are mainly used to track your browsing session whilst you navigate on their site.

The cookies legally must expire once you close the browser.  This is to prevent malicious users from stealing any saved data.

Permanent cookies

These are also known as persistent or tracking cookies. These are essential cookies that don’t expire after you close the browser or even shut down the computer.

They usually have a specific expiration date set by the website.

This cookie is most definitely the most useful cookie! They help users keep track of their previous log in details, basket details and you can also include “Remember me” features on the website to make your browsing process even easier. For security purposes, a website may offer an option for you to disable cookies.

So, the next time you are glad your clothes in your online basket are still saved after a few days, you’ll know why! Permanent cookies!

Third-party cookies

 These are also known as marketing or tracking cookies. They are usually embedded by third-party websites, so when you see them annoying advertisements or banners around a website, that’s right, it’s a third-party website!

These scrumptious cookies are stored on your website to collect as MUCH data as possible so they can translate and find the most relatable ads suitable for you!

Impressive right?

These little rascals track your every movement, so cookie advertisers can get very specific ads from where you have previously been.

We’ve all had minuscule moments where we thought someone was behind our digital screen watching us. Wrong. Just sneaky third-party cookies!

Well, why do they do it?

They want to serve their website users with a more ‘personalised’ experience… not creepy at all!

Even all your common websites like Google and YouTube use third-party cookies. Every marketing agency will utilise cookies to make the most of cookies for their clients.

Cookie Laws

Only in recent years have countries decided to take privacy and security breaches seriously. So, laws have been changed and improved to keep up with the modern digital world.

The EU enforced a law that businesses now must require your consent before using cookies on the browsing user. You may have heard of GDPR… but we won’t get into that.

Although the cookie law applies to all the countries in the EU, it is up to the country on how they enforce the law.

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