‘SCORING’ the deal – How TikTok became the first social platform to sponsor a major sporting tournament

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We know exactly what you’re thinking – how did TikTok manage to secure a campaign deal with one of the BIGGEST sporting tournaments in Europe? Is there a creative agency behind it?

If you’re part of the TikTok fandom, you will know that the Euros have been constantly advertised all throughout your TikTok feed.

Well, Tik-Tok being the first social platform to ever sponsor something like this is extraordinary within itself, but how did they manage to do it?

The marketing director at the UEFA had mentioned that with restrictions being put in place, TikTok is a great place where football fans can connect and watch their respective nations in action. He also made it very clear that ‘we have to be relevant in football’. So taking on board this campaign is a perfect way to capture a new target audience online.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you will know that TikTok is one of the most talked about digital entertainment platforms to date. Whether this is a brand awareness stunt to try and move the platform away from its stigma, which is young people lip-syncing and dancing, football is finally placing their feet in the online world.

So why is TikTok so big?

TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps in the world, with its main intention to build a positive global community and therefore encourage any type of person to post passionate and creational content that is formed into short-video clips!

Formerly known as ‘Musical.ly’, the now TikTok is rapidly increasing as a social media platform, surpassing the likes of Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. It is essentially the pinpoint of Gen-Z culture, breaking into the mainstream with no restriction to creativity.

We’re going to dive in deep and see which brands have used TikTok campaigns to the highest advantage…


GymShark is one of the largest fitness clothing brands in the UK. Founded in 2012, the company has skyrocketed in the age of social media. And in recent years has used TikTok as one of its main campaigning platforms, utilising influencer marketing to reach its customers.

For their first campaign, on January 1st, 2018, they announced their “66 Days | change your life” challenge; tasking users to create a personal goal, upload before and after photos and videos 66 days later… in order to win a year’s supply of Gymshark goods.

@antonielokhorstDo you have a BFF? 🔥🏆 #gymshark @gymshark @ramonvermaas♬ Deja Vu Nightcore (Initial D) – PsykozBrothers

To do this, they set out to find influencers with large followings and celebrity attributes to advertise both the challenge and the brand itself by becoming ambassadors.

This campaign reached millions, and thousands of videos were created on TikTok for this competition, gaining hundreds and thousands of sales, creating a whirlwind of success for GymShark.

After the first campaign, they didn’t stop there, and TikTok is now one of their biggest platforms with 3.2 million followers!

How’s that for a bit of marketing from a creative agency…


It’s fair to say that the nostalgic WWE era is near to over… oh the things I’d do to ankle lock my younger siblings once more!

But not to fear, TikTok is here.

With the wrestling branch losing its popularity over repetitive content and the era coming to a decline, WWE took it on the chin to join in and gain the attention of the Gen-Z kids.

@wwe@dmcintyrewwe knows how to inflict pain with a ladder. #WWE #MITB♬ original sound – WWE

Despite only joining the platform in 2019, they have still managed to compile 11.7 million followers and nearly 200 million likes!

Their content consists of sensational in-ring matches to unforgettable backstage action. TikTok also receives unprecedented access to their favourite WWE moments as the company begins a new chapter on the platform.

The dramatic wrestling is bound to catch the eye of anyone, especially the younger generation where their phones are glued to their face!

It’s the perfect marketing strategy for any forward-thinking and creative agency…


As a makeup sales company, Sephora are not afraid to try out anything in order to showcase its products and engage the right audiences. From a sales perspective, a platform like TikTok is a great way to advertise, especially to their target audience which tends to fall between 16-40.

On their page they are always jumping onto trends, using Fortnite references, comedy dubs, music videos, makeup tutorials, and of course influencer marketing.

@sephoraShop top-rated skincare under $15 at Sephora 🤩♬ original sound – sephora

Their biggest TikTok successes tends to be the viral makeup hacks that they come up with, which users go crazy for. With 245,000 followers, they aren’t doing too bad…

They broaden their engagement spectrum to the heavens, which is ideal for a company like theirs! A creative agency can help you to do similar!

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