Who are Koobr?

Koobr specialises in brand development, graphic design, web design, digital marketing and other marketing related services. We pride ourselves on how closely we work with our customers, truly getting to know them and their business, as their dedicated marketing department - supporting with ongoing strategy, creative and technical delivery, reporting and results.

Built on a foundation of trust, relentless in our pursuit of creativity and innovation, to make a positive change for our customers, team and the wider community..

We build trust

At Koobr, trust is more than just a word; it is an unspoken bond between team members, it’s an honour that our valued clients give to us, it’s it is something that we develop and protect for our customers and their audiences. It’s the invisible thread that stitches together every project, partnership, and promise we make. Trust is the uncompromising foundation that Koobr is built upon.

Extreme ownership

“That’s not my job” does not exist at Koobr. We take full ownership of any task, project or customer and see things through to completion, truly caring about the outcome. Even after the relay baton has been passed on, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring a project reaches the finish line. The whole team is fully invested in the success of Koobr and its clients.

Service that surpasses

We work closely with our customers to produce outstanding work – truly getting to know their business and becoming a dedicated part of their team. We want to be remembered and recommended for our attention to detail and outstanding customer service. Maintaining a strong and successful relationship with customers is one of the most important things to Koobr.

Olympic team spirit

Just like Olympic athletes, we always strive to better ourselves and become the best we can be at our chosen specialisms. Equally, we inspire greatness in others and lead by example when it comes to team spirit. We look out for each other, celebrating the good times and offering unwavering support when facing challenges.

Make a positive difference

When it comes to how we operate as a team and a business, we always consider the wider impact it will have. We approach every challenge with an optimistic mindset and ask ourselves whether our actions will make a positive difference. We apply this to everything we do, from customer care and teamwork to supporting charities in the wider community.

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We make it our mission to truly get to know our clients.

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