Why you need to develop a brand promise in 2016

A brand promise isn’t just about assuring your customers, it’s about establishing your ideals and values, making sure everybody on board buys into the same concept.

– Craig Barker, Koobr

Developing a brand promise is something every business should consider, particularly when you’ve got specific selling points, pertaining to the quality of your service, that you would like to get across to your customers.

But more than that, it’s about pinning down your company values and ideals, and that’s what consumers really buy in to, and the same thing goes for invested staff and employees. So if you haven’t already crafted a brand promise, now is the perfect time to come up with one.

Connecting your purpose to the needs of your customers

The whole point of marketing is to establish a solid, unquestionable connection with customers who are in need of services, and a strong brand promise is a huge part of that.

It’s not a description of what your company does in a literal sense, it’s the reason for doing why you do what you do, conveyed in such a way for the customer to draw instant parallels with their own specific needs.

This not only helps assure customers that your services are right for them – essential, in fact – it demonstrates a synchronicity of values, which goes a very long way towards forming a longstanding and trusted relationship.

Some of our favourite brand promise examples…

Apple – “Think Different.”

Whilst IBM’s “Think” slogan was a testament to itself and their logical stance on all things technological, Apple’s sly alteration spoke to a whole generation of customers looking for something truly different than the same old corporate offerings in their IT products.


Coca-Cola – “To inspire moments of optimism and uplift.”

Without mention of the product itself – as if they even need to – Coca-Cola instead talk about their purpose in such a way that it resonates with the feelings, and the reasons, people typically have when reaching out for bottle of the world’s most famous fizzy drink.


Rackspace – “Fanatical support.”

Web hosting companies aren’t the most fascinating of industries to brag about, but the quality of their service and customer support is massively important to customers who require it. This is established as something Rackspace provide in their brand promise, emphasising the level of their commitment to ideological status.

Make it meaningful, make it measurable

There’s no point in making grand but equally empty pledges when crafting your brand promise, just for the sake of appealing to what customers want, it needs to something grounded that truly measures your deliverability.

The most important thing is authenticity, this is what really establishes trust, so dig deep and take a good look at your business; why do you do what it is that you do, what is it you want to achieve, and how do you make sure you follow through on these things? That’s what you need to talk about.

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