Why you need to re-evaluate and (maybe) refresh your brand in 2016

A re-evaluation of your existing branding doesn’t mean you have to go ahead and change absolutely everything, let’s just get that out of way now. We’re not here to tell you that a new company name is needed for 2016, or that your website is outdated, oh no.

However, it is a good idea to use this time to take a good look at your brand identity as it stands, checking whether the current branding accurately represents your business as it is now; your marketing objectives, company values, and your customers. And whether it can continue to represent your business well into the rest of the year.

Then and now

If your business has experienced significant change, perhaps adding to, or streamlining your services, maybe even growth, then you want this reflected in the branding for all your customers and competitors to see.

A brand refresh, no matter how subtle, is an excellent way of demonstrating positive change within any organisation and shows signs of progression and success. This may involve changes to your website, developing new marketing messaging to align with new marketing objectives, or a subtle or dramatic adaptation of your company logo. Whatever you decide to implement, sometimes the simplest of changes are the most impactful.

More than skin deep

Do your employees and staff care as much about the success of the businesses as management do? This might sound like a strange question to ask in the context of things, but branding is so much more than just what’s on the surface. Branding extends to every facet of an organisation and this includes company culture.

When branding is present behind the scenes as much as it is on the outside, it helps to create a sense of solidarity and investment amongst everybody inside the organisation; working together towards the same goals, reinforcing the same values and company ethos. If this doesn’t sound like it’s the case within your organisation then a brand refresh could be what’s needed to get everybody onboard. It also helps promote consistent brand messaging across all forms of client-customer communication across all areas of your company’s infrastructure.

Revisit your company values

The place to start when thinking about a new brand is the ethos that your company is founded upon, otherwise known as your core values. These are principles for starting a business to begin with; whether you wanted to make a social or cultural impact, provide a service that was not offered elsewhere, or change the way things are done in your specific industry.

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