Staying ahead of the SEO curve in 2020

We take a look at the biggest SEO trends you need to know, and why they’re important for getting your website found in 2020.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, can be a conundrum for those looking to effectively position their websites, goods and services and ensure they’re seen by the right people amid fierce competition online.

Our websites are our shop window to the world. We invest time, energy, money and resources into ensuring they’re not just fit for purpose, but tangibly have a positive effect – be that brand reputation, bottom line profit or a combination of the two.

Against that backdrop, it’s easy to see why SEO remains vital. So why the conundrum?

Although the notion of SEO was founded and grew in the 1990s, the concept of SEO – and how to crack it effectively – is ever-evolving. What worked and ranked highly in 2019, for example, may not have the same effect in 2020.

While such constant evolutions can appear daunting, the good news is that with good quality content, a sound strategy and, where necessary, industry experts behind you, your SEO campaigns can be both highly effective and provide outstanding value for money.

Here are five 2020 trends to watch out for in the world of SEO:

Use of snippets/fewer clicks

Online search functions continue to become more easy, instant and intuitive for consumers. Google will now pre-empt what users are likely to be searching for and provide the rest of the question, and the answers in the form of snippets, before a user has even had to click. It means that poor content that isn’t SEO-optimised is unlikely to get much of a look in.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is by now less sci-fi, more mainstream. AI is becoming increasingly embedded into all that we do and is an area Google has invested significantly in. It’s no surprise, then, that Google is implementing AI into the way it ranks content and websites in relation to searches and this will undoubtedly evolve further in 2020.

Evolving user experience (UX)

The days of internet searches being conducted exclusively from a computer are long gone and 2020 will be a year that continues to take us further from the traditional forms of searching – and this provides challenges and opportunities from an SEO perspective. Think about how well your mobile site is optimised as well as the ever-increasing use of voice searching rather than a standard type search and how this may affect how and where your site and relevant pages rank.

Secure, optimised sites

You can have the best SEO strategy in place supported by a vibrant, well-designed website but in an era of increased cyber security awareness and at a time when consumers expect everything in an instant, you are likely to be heavily penalised by search engines if your website is not HTTPS enabled, which offers users peace of mind that your site is secure and authentic. Similarly, numerous studies have found that even a one-second delay in page loading can dramatically impact conversion rate. In short, make sure your site is fully optimised otherwise your SEO strategy is unlikely to be successful.

Content is still king

Technology, algorithms, SEO; all these elements may be in a constant state of flux but one aspect of high ranking in search continues to stand the test of time – high quality, relevant content. Good content must continue to be the bedrock on which to build from for businesses looking to rank successfully online in 2020.

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